Viking Selectronic 6570


Look what a nifty vintage sewing machine find my hubby discovered. The Viking Selectronic 6570. I had never heard of this machine, but what a find at $25.00! He says he plugged her in and she works. We’ll see about that. Meanwhile, I have named her “Burgita”.

The Last of 6000 mechanical cam series, A heavy duty sewing machine.

Viking_Selectronic_6570 _sideI don’t know when I’ll get around to giving her a test drive with so many projects on my plate.   From what I can see on the Internet this was truly a good find.  There seem to be fairly decent amount of places to obtain a manual.  I’m a reader; got to get the manual before I tinker around with her.  Machine parts for Burgita parts.


I found a source for manual purchase.  With all the free sewing machine manuals around I’m going to look for one of those before leaping to buy.





Sobriety from motorized sewing machines since 2011

P.S.  Here’s another happy owner of a Viking Selectronic 6570.

Walking Foot


The kindness of people is always amazing.  My librarian GAVE this walking foot to me.  I was sharing with her my experience as a newbie quilter and making my Versatile Wave purse; the bag part of the pattern is quilted.  As I proceeded to quilt I noticed the batting getting smaller and smaller (I was quilting with the fashion fabric and batting together; i.e., not a sandwich).  I was wondering if there was something I could do for future reference to not have the “shrinking” of the batting.

She commenced to telling me about the walking foot that helps with that.  I did not have one.  The next time I went to the library she shows me two feet and suggests I take them home, try them to see if they fit and would work on my 1925 Sears handcrank sewing machine.  Hot diggity it fit and worked well.  I checked on eBay to find one and there are some there for upwards of $16.00.  When I brought hers back she let me have the one of my choice (one had the quilting guide and the other did not).  The quilting on my bag looks much better than eyeballing for accuracy.

Not sure if your browser shows because the bag is black but check out my quilting lines:


Lining w/Pocket and Quilted Bag

When I put my screen at a certain angle I can see the quilting well.  I am tickled to pieces at her generosity and had to share my story with you all.  Now if only I could work with my treadle Dorcas this easy.






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Crochet Baby Sweater Set


“Bring Me Home” Designed by Carol Smith

This darling crochet baby sweater set has Gramma’s Baby written all over it.  I just had to try it.  As usual I read the pattern and worked it out in my mind before beginning.  It is an average skill level pattern but I had trouble at about round 17 or so of the sweater.  The multiple size pattern is what’s giving me fits.  I that different sizes are within the brackets; however, the way this pattern has been written the rows are confusing as they pertain to the additional sizes.  I figured “Go ahead, get started, perhaps looking at things the second time around will help with understanding as I will be actually looking at the work”.  Baby girl won’t be here for another 8 to 10 weeks so I have a wee bit of time to work it out.

Yarns of choice for this project:

  • Red Heart, Baby Sport Pompadour, 6 oz., 1982 Rainbow Sherbet
  • Lion Brand Yarn, Baby Soft, #100 White


Red Heart Baby Econo Yarn #1982 Rainbow Sherbet Multi I have always enjoyed variegated yarns.  This one is yummy as it’s name:  Rainbow Sherbet.


Why not click and follow me as I work on this project?  I’d love to have you.


Gramma Lyric




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Baby’s First Rag Quilt


I’m putting together the fabrics for my upcoming grand baby’s first rag quilt.  Choosing fabrics was more difficult than I had imagined.  I am working within a budget which added to my angst.  Plus I was determined to NOT make a pink quilt for now.  No, no, no.  There are myriad of other colors in the spectrum.  This ladybug design is just sew cute.  It’s only a fat quarter but I had to get it.  The rest of the quilt is being designed around this ladybug fat quarter.


Baby rag quilt pieces; project coming together!

This pretty purple cotton flannel will be used in the place of batting.   I read that somewhere; or no, it was suggested to me over at Missouri Start Quilt Forum.   It will look pretty in the seams peeking out all fuzzy.


Inner lining of quilt


Thanks to Creations by Kara for providing the Baby Rag Quilt Tutorial that I used to make my grand baby’s first quilt.

Now that I have completed the quilt my woulda-coulda-shouldas:

  • A deeper purple would have been nice. This one was muted which I didn’t determine from looking at it on my computer screen before purchase.
  • I underestimated the size.  It looked so nice and big when laid out on the table.  Duh, I didn’t consider the seams!  Sew, I had to purchase additional fabric to make the quilt a decent size.
  • I MUST get a better35mm camera for blogging.  It’s official, the one I have won’t do.  I will actively work to get a better photograph of this quilt up on my blog.  It really is cute.  Think I’ll add some close-ups too.

Reverse side of quilt

Ms. Kara states to wash the quilt and dry it in a hot dryer twice.  I am thinking it has to do with the strings and things that I’ve been pulling off the quilt, LOL.  I’ve only done so once in the photograph above.   I’ll be sure to wash and dry it again before sending if off to my daughter.

I’m not going to point out the myriad of other things I see.  Still, it was my first quilting project ever and I know Baby Grandbaby won’t care.


Gramma Lyric


Newborn Crochet Bear Hat


A photo with MY Lil Princess in this hat would be nice.  It crocheted up in a jiffy; was fun to make.  If mommy likes it I’ll make a bigger one as she grows.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the original little cutie that I saw wearing this hat over at my Pinterest.


Photo: Tampa Bay Crochet

As always gotta pay it forward.  The pattern comes from  Sew, mosey on over there and pick up your free pattern.  Oh, and click over on my right sidebar to follow my blog and keep up with more outfits for the upcoming Lil princess! Oh, can you say “Grammy and Me” outfits?  Hey, they’ve got “Mommy and Me” so why not?


Gramma Lyric

Baby Booties Ta Boot


Wrap Around Bootie

It looks as if I’m in the baby booty business.  Sew, rather than have a gazillion posts about all the booties I’m going to make I’ll just make ‘em and post pics of them here.  The booties I am making come from free patterns found on the Internet.  Many thanks to the designers and sharers of these way cute patterns and ideas.


Wrap Around Bootie Front View

The Wrap Around Bootie was fun to make. It came together quickly and the instructions were not overly difficult to follow.  I consider myself an intermediate crocheter, fyi.  Thanks to “I’m Topsy Turvy” ( for creating AND sharing the pattern.


Dress Up Bootie

It was fun picking a cute button for the Dress Up Bootie.  I’d like to make more of these with other cute buttons and in larger sizes as Lil Princess grows.  This was a Red Heart pattern designed by Nancy J. Thomas. Get yours here.


Happy Girl Booties

I’ve been calling the Happy Girl Booties her “Lumberjack Booties”.  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and now I think it is thicker than the original pattern called for . . .yikes!   Gotta go and finish the mate.  Er ah, it’s not like there’s a rush, she can’t wear ‘em ’til she’s about 10.  Get your copy of this pattern at


Seriously, click one of the follow links over in the right sidebar (choose between Bloglovin or the WordPress follow button) and stay tuned for the Lil Princess’s upcoming crocheted and sewn fashions by Gramma Lyric for her upcoming special little grand baby.


Gramma Lyric

P.S. Click here for more Gramma Lyric antics of making baby stuff for the upcoming Lil Princess.

Happy Girl Booties


Stay On Bootie

Here is one half of the current Happy Girl Booties that I am working on.  For real I will NOT photograph my baby grannies things on a black background again.  Really, I must get a light box for photographing items for my blog.

Anywho, these are being made with Caron Simply soft in pink and white.  I selected this pattern because they were taunted to “stay on” a baby’s kicking feet.  For perspective, the sole is about 3″ but they seem so big to me, LOL.  At least she’ll be able to wear them at some point.  The thing is, I’m supposed to be making booties for her to come home in . . . YIKES.

Back to the drawing board for smaller booties. Click here to get your free Happy Girl Booties pattern by Red Heart.

Stay tuned for pics of the set when I’m done.  Better yet, click below or in the right sidebar to follow this blog and you’ll be one of the first to know when updates occur!  Yeah, do that.



Click to see baby girl’s Dress Up Booties.

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Dress Up Booties


“Dress Up Booties” pattern by Red Heart

As Gramma, one of my official duties is that of bootie making . . . giggles.  These are the first pair of crochet booties I have made in a heapa bunch of years.  Get your free pattern here Dress Up Booties.  The sizing is newborn to three months.  They may not fit for very long but since they were easey peasey to make our lil princess will have a heapa bunch of them.  Well, maybe not THIS pattern, but she’ll have goo gobs because the styles are endless.  Why, I even spied some Converse booties; oh yeah!


Actually, I am looking forward to making more with pretty colors and finding way cute buttons to fasten them with.  I chose a pretty red, heart button for this pair.  For some reason I have been wanting to stay away from pink, pink, pink, and use other striking colors for her clothing.

I was pleased to see a plethora of free baby patterns online to choose from.  My fingers are moving fast as they can as she is due to arrive in June.  Yeah, I am behind oh so far.  Shh, don’t tell my DD.

Gotta run, I’m in search of lavender and pink camouflage yarn.




P.S. Check out our Lil Princesses’ other stuff.

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Hand Stitching 4-1-1


Photo credit: Artfabrik Thread-u-cation

Tips for adding hand stitches to your art quilts:

Needle Size Information: Use the appropriate size embroidery needle for the size of thread you are using. Use a size 5 needle for Size 12 pearl cotton thread, a size 3 or 4 needle for Size 8 thread, and a size 1 needle for Size 5 or 3 thread.

Thread Size Information: Size 12 pearl cotton thread is the finest and easiest to stitch through several layers of fused fabrics. Size 8 is the most utilitarian thread for fused art quilts. It is bold enough to be seen but easy to stitch. Size 5 is heavier, a little more difficult to stitch with but gives a bolder look. Size 3 is very heavy, difficult to hand stitch with but is perfect for couching.

  • Cut the thread about 18″ long, any longer and it tangles easily.
  • Stitch just through the top and batting layers of the quilt. When all the stitching is complete, add the quilt back and machine stitch through all the layers if you want.
  • Knot or embed the threads in the batting.
  • To mark a stitch line, score the fabric with the tip of the needle or a fingernail.

This is an excerpt from Artfabrik’s blog.  Her  blog is insightful, beautiful, and I will surely reference it time and again.





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